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One hour of private, one-to-one session


Speaking English with Confidence


“I don’t feel confident when I’m speaking English.”

“I’m afraid my English sounds bad.”

“I want to feel better about my English.”


Does this sound like you?

  • Develop your English language skills for employability and study contexts

  • Learn how to sound more confident speaking English

  • Speak English more clearly

  • Improve your English grammar skills

This highly practical course is for anyone with English as an additional language. This course will improve your communication style and give you the skills and confidence to speak more clearly. This course is ideal for students who already have some theoretical knowledge. It will help you to turn your knowledge to practical use – to speak fluently and correctly.

Learn in live group classes, with a personal tutor in one-to-one lessons or in a small group with a tutor. Each course is adapted to the student's or group's individual needs and knowledge level.

  • The duration of one lesson is 60 minutes.
  • Location: online or in our classroom (in Blackpool).
  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate.

Speaking English with Confidence – 1 hour/one-to-one session

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